Ivan Dikov on WikiLeaks

On WikiLeaks:

“In 2011, back then as the editor-in-chief of Sofia News Agency (Novinite.com), (back then) Bulgaria’s largest English-language media and an international news site, I tried to get an interview (over the phone or over email) with George Friedman, the then CEO of private geopolitical platform Stratfor over his book, “The Next 100 Years”.

The interview was to focus partly on the unenviable fate he assigns to Bulgaria in his book. The interview never came through as the above-mentioned author was unavailable. However, Stratfor staff did try to get me as a contributor – which I didn’t see as fair or a good idea from the point of view of journalistic integrity – considering they are, after all, a private intelligence firm.

In 2012, millions of leaked alleged Stratfor emails were published by WikiLeaks – including my communication with their representatives – which got my name to appear on WikiLeaks a whopping 65 times.

This development can be traced by typing “Ivan Dikov” in the WikiLeaks search box, or just by clicking here.”


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