Interviews and Quotes from Ivan Dikov in International Media

Ivan Dikov in the newsroom of Sofia News Agency.

Following is a list of selected publications featuring quotes and/or interviews with Ivan Dikov.

Bulgarian Gas Pistol Attack ‘Was Stunt’ – The Guardian

Transmission – Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Rival Parties Accuse Bulgaria’s DPS Of Staging ‘Assassination’ Attempt – Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

Bulgaria: An assassination attempt on live TV – The Week

What’s really going on in that Bulgarian ‘assassination’ video? – Foreign Policy

Conspiracy theories surround televised ambush South China Morning Post

Aanslag op Bulgaarse politicus “was een stunt” | Buitenland | Nieuws | HLN

Aanslag op Bulgaarse politicus ‘was een stunt’ | De Volkskrant

Tummelfeld der Mafia – Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Corruption? Depends on where you are – OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project)

SEEMO Concerned over Growing Restrictions on Press Freedom in Bulgaria – SEEMO (South and East Europe Media Organization) Editor-in-Chief Admitted to Southeast Europe Media Organization (SEEMO) – – Sofia News Agency

Russia plays political games with natural gas (transcript from n KBIA radio)

Bulgaria’s Ruling Coalition Feels the Chill – World Politics Review

Bulgarian Journalists – China Radio International

Bulgaria steps up its crackdown on government corruption – Christian Science Monitor

Bulgarian Turks: From Imperial Rulers To Marginalized Minority – International Business Times

US Envoy Morningstar: No Either-Or Situation in Eurasian Energy – European Dialogue

The House of Lannister, Clinton, Targaryen, Stark, and Trump – Evangelicals for Social Action

Romania: Powerless in the New Cold War Inter Press Service

Stuck in the Middle – Transitions Online

New Game-Rules for Nord Stream II | Vocal Europe

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