High-Profile Interviews by Ivan Dikov

Ivan Dikov (right) is seen here awarding then EU Commissioner, today IMF Director Kristalina Georgieva, on the 10th anniversary of Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency) in 2011. Photo: Sofia Photo Agency

Following are links to interviews with “high-profile” individuals conducted and published by Ivan Dikov during his tenure as Editor-in-Chief of Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency) between 2008 and 2013, at the time Bulgaria’s largest English-language media, and possibly the country’s freest media.

For the purposes of this selection, out of a greater total number of interviews, “high-profile” is defined as referring to people of certain rank or of high distinction and achievement in the respective line of activity.

The links as in reverse chronological order based on the interviews’ respective publication dates:

MERI President Prof. Dlawer Ala’Aldeen: EU Needs More Assertive Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Atlantic Club President Solomon Passy: Bulgarian Cardinal at the Vatican Mission Possible

Former Nevada Governor Bob Miller: Bulgaria Offers Huge Unrealized Potential to Wise Investors

British National Party Leader, MEP Nick Griffin: UK Press Targets Bulgarians, Romanians Because They Are White Europeans, Not Muslims

Tishman International Chairman Alan Levy: Bulgaria Must Think Outside the Box to Attract Foreign Investors

Spanish Ambassador to Bulgaria Jose Luis Tapia: Bulgarian Immigrants Aren’t Coming Back from Spain

French Ambassador Philippe Autie: Bulgarians Must Have Trust in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Economy Minister Delyan Dobrev: Demonstrating Govt Commitment Crucial for Foreign Investors

French Academy of Sciences Secretary Catherine Brechignac: Bulgarian, French Scientists Are Building Upon Existing Cooperation

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci: Kosovo Will Join EU When All Western Balkan Nations Do

Ambassador Gerhard Reiweger: Austrian Business Has Great Share in Bulgaria’s Positive Development

Iranian Ambassador Golamreza Bageri Mogadam: World Doesn’t Believe Double Standards, Lies about Iran’s Nuclear Program

Economy Minister Traicho Traikov: Major Investors’ Trust Indicates Bulgaria’s Economic Potential

Bulgarian President Plevneliev: Independent Online Media Symbolize 21st Century

ICANN CEO and President Rod Beckstrom: It’s Great Bulgaria Cares So Much about Cyrillic Domains

President-Elect Rosen Plevneliev: Bulgaria’s Goal Must Be Modern European State

Journalist Ivo Indzhev: Secret Accord of President Parvanov, PM Borisov Mars Bulgaria’s Elections 2011

GERB Presidential Candidate Rosen Plevneliev: Bulgaria’s Goal Must Be Modern European State

Poland’s Ambassador to Bulgaria Leszek Hensel: Polish EU Presidency Hopes for Positive Balance Despite Unexpected Challenges

Chinese Defense Attache in Bulgaria Zhang Ge: China, People’s Liberation Army Stick to Defensive Military Policy

Kosovo Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj: Redrawing Borders in the Balkans Is Closed Chapter

Foreign Minister Nikolay Mladenov: Bulgaria Now Has the Foreign Policy of a ‘Grown-up’ EU Member

Italian Ambassador in Sofia Stefano Benazzo: Bulgaria, Italy’s Common History Spans from Antiquity to EU

Simeon Saxe-Coburg: Italy Has Had Crucial Role in Bulgaria-EU Relations

US Ambassador to Bulgaria James Warlick: Ambassadors’ ‘Road Show’ Comes in the Right Time to Invest in Bulgaria

Atlantic Club President Solomon Passy: OECD Accession, Common EU Defense Bulgaria’s New Priority Goals

China’s Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying: Chinese Companies Need Good Atmosphere to Do Business in Eastern Europe

EU Commissioner Antonio Tajani: EC Took to Heart Bulgarian Initiative for Common Mobile Phone Chargers

Bulgarian Diplomat Kiriyak Tsonev: Islamists Very Likely to Grab Power in Egypt, Arab States through Democratic Means

US Atlantic Council VP Damon Wilson: NATO Needs Unified Political Front in Afghanistan

European Commissioner for Internal Market Michel Barnier: EU Must Protect Common Market from Unfair Global Competition

Chief of US Office of Defense Cooperation in Sofia Mark Imblum: US Soldiers Feel Very Well-Received in Bulgaria

CNN International’s Bulgarian Anchor Ralitsa Vassileva: News Never Takes a Break!

Former US Assistant Secretary of State Robert Gelbard: Bulgaria’s Borisov Govt Is Trying Hard to Do the Right Things

US Congressman Joe Wilson: United States Should Follow Bulgaria’s Fiscal Policies

US Ambassador in Sofia James Warlick: Bulgaria Is Undiscovered Jewel

Bulgarian Ambassador to USA Elena Poptodorova: Bulgarian-US Can Only Follow Upward Trend

France’s Ambassador to Bulgaria Etienne de Poncins: EU Needs to Take Rescue Action on Roma

Austrian Politician Erhard Busek: Danube Region Still Lacks Trans-Border Cooperation

CNN Anchor Jim Clancy: Traditional Media Was Too Complacent in the Past

Palestinian Authority Ambassador Ahmed al Madbuh: Palestinians Are Thankful to Bulgarian People and State

Israel’s Ambassador to Bulgaria Noah Gal Gendler: Israelis Feel the Positive Attitude of the Bulgarian People

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I: Eastern Orthodox Church Looks to Both Past and Future

Greek Ambassador Danai-Magdalini Koumanakou: Greece-Bulgaria Relations Are Becoming Model for Balkan Countries

Bulgarian EU Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva: European Humanitarian Aid Touches Hearts and Minds around the World

EU Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva: Bulgaria Not Threatened with Greece’s Financial Problems

Seychelles Minister Joel Morgan: Somali Pirates Damage Both Maritime Trade and Regional Stability

MIT Researcher Geoffrey Forden: US Missile Shield in Bulgaria Will Have Little Impact on Russia’s Defense

Spain’s Ambassador in Sofia Jorge Fuentes: Bulgaria Should Be Cautious with Adopting the Euro

UK House of Lords Member Baroness Butler-Sloss: Bulgaria Needs Education, Money to Fight Human Trafficking

Criminal Journalist Slavi Angelov: Bulgarian Mafia, Organized Crime Should Enter History Textbooks

Secretary-General of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Bolat Nurgaliev: SCO Will Grow in Importance

American Writer Elizabeth Kostova: I Feel Deeply Optimistic about Bulgaria

UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova: Bulgaria Needs More International Confidence, More Good News

Ireland Ambassador to Bulgaria Geoffrey Keating: EU Guarantees Were Crucial for Lisbon Treaty Ratification

Sweden Ambassador to Bulgaria Paul Beijer: EU Presidency Is No Beauty Contest

Former Bulgarian President Zhelyu Zhelev: Bulgaria Needs Strong Executive, Not Strong Hand

Tishman International Chairman Alan Levy: Logistics Is Future of Bulgaria Real Estate Development

Australian Journalist David O’Shea: Treasure Hunting Is National Tragedy for Bulgaria

Bulgaria Nationalist “Ataka” Party Leader Siderov: I Can’t Be Follower of Hitler

Czech Ambassador Martin Klepetko: Overcoming Russian Gas Crisis Was Main Success for Czech EU Presidency

GERB Leader Boyko Borisov: Bulgarian People Just Want Justice!

US Special Envoy Richard Morningstar: No Either-Or Situation in Eurasian Energy

French Porn Producer Pierre Woodman: Sex Is Still Taboo in Bulgaria

Former US Assistant Secretary of State Gelbard: Obama’s Support Is Growing

German-Bulgarian Writer Iliya Troyanov: Bulgaria Must Learn from Finland

American Jewish Committee Head David Harris: Peace Depends on Gaza Residents

France Ambassador to Sofia: Bulgaria Needs Better Image with French Investors

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