Opinion and Analytical Articles by Ivan Dikov for The European Views

Ivan Dikov’s author profile at The European Views. Photo: European-Views.com

Following is a list of links to all opinion articles, commentary & analytical pieces written by Ivan Dikov since he joined The European Views in June 2018 as freelance chief editor.

The European Views is a Paris-based online media specializing in coverage of the European Union and its member states.

The links appear in reverse chronological order. Last updated February 17, 2020.

The EU Is Finally a Union of Losers Only. And That Is a Great Thing!

Brexit Is Britain’s Final Opt-out. From Responsibility! (And What Did We Use to Talk about?)

The Brady Bunch of Eurasia: Putin, Erdogan, Borisov, Vucic; Jets, Missiles, TurkStream, Balkan Stream, et. Al.

2020: The Year of Brexit (R.I.P. EU Britain (1973 – 2020)), and Who Is How Old in EU Years

2019: The Year the Far Right Sustainably Surged in Europe and Why It Will Keep Growing

EU’s Ukraine War Conundrum in 2020 and Franco-Germany’s Failure in Relations with Russia

Macron’s NATO Bashing, Global Cluelessness Could Throw Europe into Despair

30 Years of Post-Communism with Well-Deserved Gloom. But Why and By Whom?

Can Franco-Germany Handle Becoming a Vanguard of Democracy after Brexit?

Macron’s ‘Africans over Eastern Europeans’ Comment Shows EU Must Start Getting Its Priorities Right

Looking behind France’s Shameful Veto on Albania, North Macedonia’s EU Accession Talks

Post-Brexit Britain Will Be Fine. It’ll Just Be a Downshifter: New Zealand 2.0 x 10

‘Killing’ Two Birds with One Nazi Salute: the Racism Outburst at the Bulgaria – England Match

Rewarding Erdogan, Forgoing the EU: the Moral from Volkswagen’s New Factory in Turkey

Ukraine Is the Most Important Country for the EU. Here’s Why

High Time to Rip Off the Brexit Band Aid. Rip Fast, Rip Hard, and Once and for All

Perhaps East Germany Is Not Atavistic but Rebels against Some Extremes of the Old West

The Backstop for All Future Backstops: Didn’t the Brits Think of the Irish Border When Voting for Brexit?

Stop Calling the EU a ‘Bloc’. It Isn’t. And Not for the Reason You Think

Trump Seems to Hate the EU. Is It Because He Already Had a George W. Bush Florida Orange Juice Moment?

EU Defied US over Iran’s Nuclear Program with INSTEX. Was It Worth It?

How Long before Russia’s Risky Toying with Europe’s Far Right Really Backfires?

New EC Chief Ursula von der Leyen: A Disappointment Already or the First to Make Sense?

Eastern Europe: (Still) the Most Crucial of All Challenges Facing the European Union

Look Back in Anger: How the Brexit Debate Was Framed All Wrong

Resolve the EU – NATO Discrepancy: Make the EU Collective Member of NATO!

EU Must Adopt ‘EU English’ as Its Official Working Language after Brexit. Here’s Why

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